A Mini Coffee Glossary By Justin Ayars

Coffee shops nowadays offer much more than just a regular cup of Joe. Between macchiatos and frappes, it can sometimes be intimidating to order some of the specialty coffee menu items. Here is a brief list of terms to get you acquainted with gourmet coffee beverages.

Americano: espresso diluted with water
Breve: espresso with half and half or skim milk
Cappuccino: espresso with steamed milk and foam
Double: addition of an extra espresso shot
Espresso: highly concentrated, heavily caffeinated coffee
Flat white: espresso with flat, steamed milk
Frappe: iced coffee beverage that is blended
Half-caf: half decaf, half caffeinated brewed coffee
Iced coffee: cold coffee on the rocks
Latte: espresso with a large amount of steamed milk and a thin layer of foam. Milk can be substituted with soy or non-fat. Flavored syrups can be added.
Macchiato: single or double shot of espresso with frothed or foamed milk in equal proportions
Mocha: espresso with chocolate and steamed or frothed milk and topped with whipped cream
Redeye: espresso combined with brewed coffee
Skinny: refers to the request that a beverage be made with non-fat milk

About Justin Ayars: As the owner, founder, and managing member of J.J. Jitterzz Koffee Kompany, LLC, in Williamsburg, Virginia, Justin Ayars has successfully built the business into a thriving, profitable coffee company. Before starting J.J. Jitterzz Koffee Kompany, Ayars worked as a litigator for workers’ compensation claims.

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