Justin Ayars, JD

I was born in Las Vegas into a show business family and raised against the political backdrop of Washington, D.C. I am a recovering civil litigation attorney turned entrepreneur and have spent my entire life endeavoring to unite my inherent artistic disposition with my learned talents to prove that creativity and logic are not mutually exclusive concepts. Over the years I have developed a passion for transforming ideas into policy through effective communication, thoughtful deliberation, and mastery of the written word; cultivated an innate sense of leadership, uncanny work ethic and profound insight into the human condition; travelled the world and passed the Virginia Bar Exam. I am a motivated and outgoing individual who enjoys music, history, politics, philosophy, spending time with family, working out, playing scrabble and striving to be better than I am.

Homepage: https://justinayars.wordpress.com

Justin Ayars Speaks at AGLA’s Equality Award Dinner 2017

Q Media’s President & CEO, Justin Ayars​, speaks about the power of language, ideas, storytelling and human connection at AGLA’s 2017 Equality Awards Dinner.


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The American Way: Civility & Mutual Respect

Justin Ayars shares his thoughts on the way forward in 2018 and beyond. Check it out by clicking on the link below.


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Thanks to Edmiston Photography & the Roanoke Wedding Network for this photo! 🙂 http://www.unitevamag.com Roanoke Wedding Network - 1.26.16

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More Random Pictures

Another blast from the past!

Another blast from the past!

Justin Ayars 112 Justin Ayars 113 Justin Ayars 114 Justin Ayars 115 Justin Ayars 116 Justin Ayars 117 Justin Ayars 118 Justin Ayars 119 Justin Ayars 120

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HYPE of Richmond Nominates Me for an Icon Award

I’m HYPEd about being nominated! 🙂


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VGLCC: Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act is Undemocratic & Bad for Business

Indiana Press Release – 3.31.15

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LGBT Tourism Task Force Press Release – 3.11.15

LGBT Tourism Task Force Press Release – 3.11.15


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